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Klaus ist dann mal weg

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03.September - From Puerto Madryn to El Calafate

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Sun, October 11, 2015 12:16:44

03.September – P.M. To C.R (Puerto Madryn / Commodore Rivadavia)

The bus left around 11 am and took about 6 hours. There was just plain patagonia, bushes and nothing else, but I loved just to watch, had a seat at upper deck first row. The problem was that there was a guy who returned to C.R. For him family who had obviously no handkerchief and I nearly chocked up, as the guy with a frequency like an atomic clock nearly every 5 seconds took a deep breath containing some liquid you dont want to know, bäääähhhh. Luckily he slept for quite some time.

At the terminal i got directions to a 'nice' hotel. I checked in into the new room which costed 50 ARS more, I just wonder how old must be the old ones. At least they have been clean. The problem with the non touristic places they do not have hostels, which means accomodation is more expensive and due to the missing competition the quality sucks.

Stolled around in the city and wanted to go into a bar, but there was not really s.th. To do, so I was happy not buying the ticket from Rio Gallegos for sunday, as I now will take the bus from R.G. Already on saturday 12 am so I have enough time to watch that there is not much to watch.

04.September – Arround C.R. And down to Rio Gallegos

I had a late wakeup, used the breakfast and the wifiy there to take it easy. As everybody spoke about Playa in Rada Tilla I took the local bus and went there. Its really an experience using the local bus system, its like the german one but with a different quality of bus and driving style of the driver. It took nearly around an hour for 10 km, so I probably could walk ;o). I asked the busdriver to advise me when the best stop for the beach is reached and I left the bus.

The weather was incredible, it was low tide so I walked a bit at the beach, collected some empty shells and after an km or so I reached a beach restaurant around 1 pm which had open. Went to the balkony and ate with prices like an a pharmacy, but it didnt matter as the weather was great and I just enjoyed sitting there with sun and ocean.

Took the bus back and went with a remise to a mirador (lookout) which was described in lonely planet, but unfortunately there was a fence so I could not really take some good shots.

At 7 pm the bus left .. suite …

05.September – Quick stop Rio Gallegos and on my way to El Calafate

Good trip during the night with food (was no good) and wine (I helped myself, so I got a god share). Arrove around 7 am bought a ticket for 12 to El Calafate and took a taxi to the costanera as it looked to be a great sunrise, hmpf was cold as yesterday but I was a cleverle and had put on my boots ;o) .. but still quite some meat conserving temperature. And the sky was incredible, unfortunately it became cloudy so no sun was seen. Went around 8 to the city center by feet (8 cuadras) and went into a cafe to warm up and have some coffee. Thought about taking the earlier bus around 9:30 but decided to take it easy with a beer ;o).

The landscape on the drive to El Calafate was espectacular (sometimes). We reached around 4 pm El Calafate, took a cab to the hostal 'I Keu Ken' (Tehuelche: found no translation). Marcelo the owner was really friendy and even invited me to a thirst beer ;o). He helped me to check the internet for weather in El Chalten. Looked that the following day the weather should be great. So I went to the bus terminal and booked the early leave at 8 pm.

Hmm again: Had my sandals on and it became really fresh. Anyways I checked for options to Torres del Paine and need to book it when I return from El Chalten, as due to low season, the tours are only leaving if enough people are going. Had a steak and a small bottle of wine in 'El Viejo' which was really great, also the chimichurri incredible. But now I dont eat the meat with chimichurri because it would overwrite the taste of the meat, so I eat a piece of meat and after a spoon of chimichurri ;o) how smart I am ;o)))). Well seems not as if my had would not be firmly attached to my body I guess I would forget the head somewhere, as the T-Shirt I bought in Puerto Madryn, the lonely planet of Humberto, my cap or the wine I bought two days ago for the bus tour (which I did not need as wine was served) and which I had put together with my backpack to the luggage store. The backpack I have, the wine not.

So I was w/o wine in the hostel and Marcelo does not have one, correction, he has one leftover so I used that one ;o)). Eduardo my room mate from brasil and I had some chat with him. He first will do the glacier tour and thenafter go to EL Chalten also. Went to bed after finishing my wine.