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Klaus ist dann mal weg

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30.August - Puerto Madryn again and Good Bye Humberto

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Sun, September 20, 2015 16:24:54

30.August – Return to Puerto Madryn

We made our way back to P.M. And timed this with the hightide of playa doradilla, enjoyed the whales again and went to hostel Tosca, where I had been before I remembered as we where infront of the gate. I wanted to try a different hostel so we didnt return to tounens. Well Tosca is a huge hostel but as no main season was it was tranqui. I also recognised Eduardo the front desk guy from the last time and Ricardo as well.

We went out for food and returned around 11. In the second kitchen there guys had a BBQ and we just went in to have some wine from our reservoire (bottles from Mendoza and beer planned for puerto Piramides and never drunk). Pancho (francisco), Iker&Richlen (RiRi) and Nati and a swissfrench girl have been there. We had a good conversation and we went late to bet. Prior we agreed to make another asado tomorrow.

As Humberto wanted to have it easy we didnt plan to much. We – or at least I – woke up late, around 10, had a breakfast which had been some different but delicious cakes. And after doing some facebooking I initiated that we go to see the local museum. So we went off by feet with directions of eduardo, but as I am a bit old I was not sure whether I rememered it correctly so I approached a police officer. Well, as usual nobody knows anything here, but he called his Jefe. The experienced police officer knew where it was and.... schwupdiwup we where sitting in our police car taxi as they brought as there ;o). Statement of Humberto: Everyday an unexpected experience!

We walked to the peer as Matt and Dineke (whom we met in Puerot Piramides again) told us they saw from the pear a whale showing off his tail for a long time, in hope to get my last missing photo of the whale, but... there was nothing then a freezing wind, hmfp … menno,

Iker, Pancho and myself went out to buy the meat ant the wine and also some additional wood (as the last one was no good Pancho said). Sat together during the prep of the asado, and somehow started into politics … NEVER NEVER NEVER do politics. This turned the sensation a bit (a lot) down, but I could stop Humberto just in time so we could recover a bit ..but not to the same level. Well, the meat was good, very good and we still had a good time with our 4 bottles of wine. It was at least so good that we went to bed at 2am … sigh we had to getup early as we wanted to see the Toninas in Puerto Rawson.

01.September – Rawson & Toninas

Well, the last day for Humberto. We left the hostal at 7:45am to be right in time in Puerto Rawson (90km). As Humberto did not feel so well today, I was in the driver seat. We started and we got very soon lost as I / we missed to see the sign. So I stopped at some police man aside the road, and Humberto started to panik (restsüsse – well remaining bloodalcohol). All went well and we got the directions. As I am a brave man I just had my sandals on. Well, arriving at the excursion I detected that hmmm would have been better to have my boots on – ZERO degrees. So I needed to think about how to handle. There where 14 more people and we left 9:30 the harbour, lucky me there had been some ponchos where I could hide my toes ;o). As we were riding with the wind it was quite comfy. Out there in the ocean we saw TONINAS, but these guys are incredibly fast and I think I did not get one good shot (not yet checked my pics). But there was quite something going on. These guys are just aroun an meter but horrible fast. They also like to swim infront of a boat so I hope I got one shot there. I guess we need to go out there also 8 times to get a good shot, but no not for the TONINAs. At leas we had a lot of seeings.

We returned around 11 and I wanted to have a coffee but Playa Union – in contrary to summer – was sleeping, nothing had open. So we cruised a bit until the Restaurant opened. There we had seefood really good.

Last sightseeing for Humberto was MEF - Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio - So we went in – I saw it already but it was worth to see it a second time – I guess Humberto liked it also, at least from the photos he took ;o)). Impressive is the bigest saurier ever found. Now the biggest anymal on earth is the blue whale 30m. But this Saurier lived on land and had 40m and around 72 tons. I need to check whether this is possible as I guess there is some limitation set by Newton who invented the gravity. Shit newton, my belly is suffering also but so far I have not 72 tons and hope that I will never have.

So we returned to P.M. And as there was at the roundabout a big site for Gauchito Gil – a local hero which was sentenced by cutting the throat in 1840 – we went to take pics. Hmm, returning to the city I got s.th. Wrong as I thought we are on the 4 lane highway. So I gave space to a truck which was unparking and went onto the second lane as suddenly humberto nearly fainted, he could not really speak understandable, but I got the message and … this was not a four lane road so I returned to the right and correct lane – it sounds easy but I guess not for Humberto and not for the upcoming car. So even I dont like the catholic Mummenschanz I have orders to light a candle next time I am near a shrine of Gauchito Gil. What does Humberto say: Every day a new experience!

We went to Margaritas Bar to have final good bye drinks and returned to the hostel around 11pm to finish our storage of wine and beer.

02.September – Puerto Madryn, Doradilla

As I still had the car until 11 am I went again to Playa Doradilla. Nati and her sister went with me. The light was incredible but only in the first hour there have been quite some whales, after that it seemed that the inland wind has moved the whales away.

After return I went alone to Il Nonno to eat again this superb Pizza Marisco ;o)) valer la pena, but I drank the house wine which was an error ;o((. After that I went to change money as Humberto did and got a quite good rate again 16.7, wow I should have brought more euro to Argentina, would have saved a lot of money (round about 1000 Euro ;o((..). Took it easy today and got my things ready for leaving which means I booked my bus trip. First to Comodoro Rivadavia, a day tour and then a night tour the next day from Comodoro to Rio Gallegos (Suite again ;o)) ..).