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Klaus ist dann mal weg

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25.August - Puerto Piramides, Peninsula Valdes

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Sat, September 19, 2015 19:21:05

25.August – Whale Excursion / Punta Delgada

We bought eggs and stuff for breakfast but there was only a microwave and some hot water maker ;o( so we even could toast our bread ;o((. After breakfast we went to our first tour at 10 am. Wow what a tour. Unfortunately I cannot describe what happened all as I am writing now after 8 tours. But we had incredible sights. Like a whale with his baby came really close to the boat approx 4 m.

After the tour we drove to Punta Delgada to see the see elephants. Lonely Planet wrote if we eat there the entrance is free, so we planned to eat cordero ala brasa. But there was no cordero because they are still too small, they are ready in 3-4 weeks. So we ate Guiso Patagonico (Lammgulasch). Which was really great. After that we took a guided tour which was also inclusive with the meal.

Claudia the guide was really knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about her work which we liked much, the problem we had to leave as Susan needed to catch her bus.

I am not talking about all the excursions, but we took 8 and payed for 6, good deal ;o). Everytime the trip was different. One time we saw males mating just 5m away from the boat, another time we saw whales jumping (actually twice ;)). Well, the first time we saw it, there was a chic jumping and it was relatively easy to catch. The other time a mother was jumping, wow what a thing. But it was a bit more difficult as she moved quite a way between her jumps. But what happened is: The chic got somehow disoriented as it searched the near with the boat and hit the boat with the head various times, so the captain needed to get away from the chic. But as he wanted to stay in the area so the mother is able to find her chic again we cruised in circles. Was pretty impressive how the chic followed us. Finally the mother came back from the jumps and the chic got back to the mother. There is an intensive relationship between mother and chic.

Next time there was a whale who touched the boat with his fluke all side long and finally we had a young whale near the boat who clapped with his tale into the water. Ah not to forget the albino one, all along the boat.

Out of the 8 tours we had only one which was a bit disappointing – but only as we had been very experienced – I think we went into the guiness book of records ;o).

We went to various places and most of the times we ate mariscos. Really great and fresh and huge langostinos. We said goodby to Susan who returned to Puerto Madryn wednesday.

The prices for the food was moderate but the drinks had been really expensive at least in the tourist bars. For exanple in the front row hotel we paid for a blenders I think 80 ARS (a liter bottle costed 93 ARS). In the cafe 40 ARS (so we got one night pretty drunk in the cafe each of us had 4 buckets – they make it really full – of blenders). But the killer was the local bar: There we got blenders for 20 ARS, there we had a very good time with the locals – but the bar was quite messy but this is what Umberto and Claudio like, not the tourist thing. Aaaaand, Humberto speaks perfect spanish with the guys – probably a side effect of the blenders? ;o)

One day we went out the the Lobo Marino viewpoint and prior there is a ballena viewpoint and there we met a dutch guy who lived here temporarily for now 2 months and he showed us jumps of ballenas at playa pardela – we had been there already but no jumps so we decided to go more often there, but …. no jumps (well I have to be honest there was but just tooo far away) – the guy had really very close ones captured lucky him!!!!

I guess it is not the last time I was there in Puerto Pirmides, but I also want to stay at least 3 weeks, there is a really buena onda and I also (Humberto has the same idea) want to do more walks, well we would do also excursions but they eat up the budget very rapidly (640 ARS).

Originally we wanted to return to Puerto Madryn on Saturday but Humberto liked it so much that we stayed one day longer and out of the 5 excursions (take 5 pay 4) we made 8 excursions. We got friends with the guys from the company and we had a after the second trip a warm welcome. I dont remember all the names but there is Juan from the frontdesk, Sanda the english speaking tour guide, Frederico tourguide on the boat, Claudio the spanish tourgide on the boat. We had a very nice good bye ;o).

By the way, Playa Pardela was not only to try to catch teh whales from teh beach, it is also a very quiet place. We met again with the dutch guy who was swimming with his daughter in a wet suite there and we had a chat. He said he could touch the whale and it was a great experience. Well, I am a bit indifferent touching wildlife is not really what should be done, but as the whales are curious probably they would habe been in contact anyway (like the snorkeling with the sealions in puerto madryn, which did Janet).

Hmpf so much to write …

Saturday night we went first to Guanaco Restaurant where we had been the day before (well Humberto said after the restaurant lets go to the shop nearby as there is party, well it was a tatoo shop and the guy who was standin infront was laughing so much as we talked to him) and we ate Vieyras (Scallops / Jakobsmuscheln) again. Then we returned to our local bar. This time I refused the Blenders as the last two nights I had stomach cramps and I thought this might come from the Blenders (and it was so as since then I never had again). We hanged out there for a while and the locals tolde that there is live music in the casa cultural, well, back again where we came from (distance between guanaco and local bar 500 m) as Guanaco is aside of casa cultural.

Casa cultural had some guitarrist and we had to pay cover charge but there was tombola included. The music started around 12 and it was not the best but ok. I was tired and went to the hotel around one. Humberto stayed – he was eager for the tombola – but we sucked ;o)).