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Klaus ist dann mal weg

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20.August - Mendoza - Wine Paradise

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Wed, September 09, 2015 18:49:18

20.August Mendoza

So we arrove in Mendoza around 8:30 and took a taxi to the B&B. We got a nice Room with breakfast inclusive. We settled a bit and then we went off to Maipú to see some wineries. Well in the busterminal I bought a buscard and loaded it with 90 ARS but the busses are really cheap 5 ARS one way so I overloaded the card, it doesent matter. The bus took nearly an hour and the driving style was s.th. Special.We went to hugo to rent a bike (100 ARS) as in Maipu one can visit with a bike easily all wineries. First we wanted to visit Bodega Rural which also has a museo. But we went there and the guy told us we had to reserve so we reservered for 4 pm and went off to another winery Domicio, but first we had to eat ;o) we ate some typical dish (dont remember the name) and had some beers. So we could only make 2 wineries today ;o((. Domicio was very nice and later it resulted having the best malbec. It seemed it is a girls winery as we didnt see any men. But we got a nice tasting and the girl left us the rest of the bottle (I appreciated).

After that we used our well equiped ;o) bikes to continue to Bodega Rural. Where we also got a tasting and as the guy used the wine twice in the glases we had some more wine there. The museum was really good and they showed original stuff there. We retuned with the bus and strolled a bit through the city. Passed by some fountains with red – wine? - water. Returned to the B&B and got ready to go out.

I wanted to meet with carina – the girl from austria whom I met 3 years ago in the language school, now married since last week to an argentinan – and also I wanted to go the the bar of Bernardo. So we tried to get a cab on the street but as it was busy time we could not reach one so we walked the 2 km. The bar has now a new owner and he did not have any info about bernardo ;o( .. so we drank a beer and returned to the Av. Villanueva Aristides where all the restaurants and bars are. We went to a bar called Zinc had some beer. Umberto went to the toilett and told some strange things like there is a chaisselongue and some space and it was somehow all strange. As I went to the toilett there were no such things. So I asked him again some details … ahhhh he went to the maballeros (or like in corrientes mombres) and I went to the caballeros ;o). Well, Carina did not appear so I guess she was just too occupied.

21.August – Mendoza – Maipú again

As the trips to Anconcagua leaves at 7:30 and we had been somehow exhausted we tried to hire a privat car but these have been by far too expensive and we didnt have really the urge to go up to (even I would have liked to see it in the snow). The host gave us the tip we also could go via tramway to maipu and can visit the nearby winery Lopez. So we did this and it was really easy access as the tramway was just 6 blocks from the hostel.

The winery was very nice and we had a good tour through it. The girl also suggested us two more wineries

Cecchin – Bio winery
Don Arturo – old winery
And we had again private tours ;o)) … wow.

Would have stayed at least one day longer but the whales are calling, so we went around 7pm to the busstation as the bus leaves to Neuquen 20:45 hrs.

Wow, I had booked cama suite, and it was like first class in a plane. Humberto and I were sitting in different rows so he learned a guy whose decendents came from croatia or nearby and I was sitting near a doctor who works on petrol platform near the Malvinas. We had a good chat and he talked about his history as a army doctor in nigeria and so on. The time went by flying. The seat/bed was really good so I had a good nap.