Klaus ist dann mal weg

Klaus ist dann mal weg

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19.August - Cordoba

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Mon, August 31, 2015 16:23:44

16.August – Santiago del Estero (Stgo) - Cordoba

At breakfast we met the three and it seemed everything was fine with the baby, thx god. They needed to go for another appearance at the festival and we went up packed our stuff as the bus to cordoba was leaving on 12:45.

We arrove late evening in Cordoba. Luckily I called the Hostal, as they told me that there is a mistake and they are full but they gave us another address – Link Hostel – so we checked this and got a pretty big room and we decided to stay (it was a bit more

expensive instead of 360 Ars 400 ARS). The guys where very nice and the girl very helpful, she helped us to find an excursion so we go to Alta Gracia.

We went to Wine and Grill for an Asado and it was really good. But nothing more we did at that night.

17.August – Cordoba

Shit shit shit, again problem with the credit card. But finally we found Banco Galicia and Banco de la Nación where we could retrieve money.

In the hostel there was mentioned that there is a free tour through cordoba by feet done by students. Well, I guess the stundents were preparing for some exams as nobody showed up until 11:15 – the tour was scheduled for 11. So we took a bus tour in a doubledecker which gave us a rough idea about the sights. The church of the Capuchinos which is fairly young is really impressive and worth to spent some time looking at the fachada. So after the bus tour we went to the two museums of bellas artes and to one where they celebrated the argentinan Elvis called Sandro. All three worth to see whereas the Sandro museum (i guess its just a temporary exhibition) is kind of special ;o) worshipping this guy.

18.August – Cordoba – Alta Gracia

The tour guide – Alexis - picked us up at 8 am. He explained a lot unfortunately for Humberto in spanish. We visited the Jesuit Estancia Alta Gracia after about a 1 hrs drive. The estancia is in a pretty good shape and we got enough time to see all. Also the church is worth to see.

After that we visited the house where Che was raised. Good to learn a bit about his life. Unforutnaltey I missed to bring my passport to get it stamped there.

Last we visited some Cueva de Lourdes where something holy happened. Well, it was included in the tour ;o)) …

Alexis told us to watch the light show near the paseo del buen pastor. Which should start around 21 so we went there and it was great (except the music from the hammond organ). After that, oh no not again – Steak ;o)).

19.August – Cordoba – Estancias

Today we had a really great tour, it was a private one. The tour guide Rodrigo was cool. All day we where more or less alone in the estancias

sta. catelina

jesus maria


So we could enjoy the sites and take our pics w/o stress.

The last stop was in the winery La Caroyense. The girl explained very good the process. In Argentina to do the fermentation they dont use in most places tanks made from metal, instead they use concrete. One was made to go into. Wow pretty huge thing. After that we had our winetasting. Its not like in chile where you can taste 4 or 5 normally they show you only two or three, but we got again a special ;o) .. two Grapas .. not my thing but at least made a bit dizzy ;o)) ..

We had a great tour so we returned around 7 pm and had to wait until 23:15 hrs until the bus to mendoza leaves. So we chatted with the guys there and I dropped my useless travel guides as these had been designed for guys who stay in hotels with suit and tie, and not for young backpackers like we are ;o))