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18.08. Santiago del Estero - Chacarera

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Thu, August 20, 2015 01:38:52

13.August – Corrientes – Santiago del Estero

We had the full day for Corrientes so the first action we did going for money. Again my card did not work at all ATMs but Humbertos did so he took 5 times 700 ARS (looks like most banks have a limit for strangers some higher some lower but the secure one seems to be 700 ARS) which is roundabout 350 Euro, and I found finally one which gave me money. But it seems the bits are sent in sequence one by one with a break inbetween, as after touching a key it took about 2 secs for the machine to honor it. But I got money Yipiayehhh.

We went for breakfast and I probably had smoked some weed or drank too much because I ordered myself a tarta, made of dulce de leche a tylpical argentinian sweet cream, hmmpf. It was so sweet that I thought I could not eat it but I conquered the cake ;o).

Humberto went to the restroom, had somehow an encounter or the 3rd type which I dont repeat here, but he said the cleaning girl looked strange at him. He said after this short night with this Jodel Diplom in the neighbor room he was somehow 'through the wind' or 'verstrahlt' as we germans tell and said he said he went into the door with an M on and realized later M is for Mujer and I said why M for Mombres ;o).

After that we went again to the Museo Folclorico to see the artesanos working and teaching but what we didnt know or forgot: The artesanos didnt work after 2 pm and it was 2 pm ;o(. But we met Cesar again and there was one artesano – Norma – she showed us her work and explained it again. It seems Cesar war really happy to explain about the museo and the neighborhood as suddenly 'blood run out of my ear' we tried to leave, but still he told us stories. At least one was interesting: On the last friday of each month they run a Peña in the museo: Music, Dance, Eat and Drink, so this might be interesting for me to visit again Corrientes in September or October.

We left them alone walked the costanera for 11 quadras and went back into town. The peatonal (shopping street) was like a ghost town, after 2 pm to 5 pm they are making siesta and there is nothing, absolutely nothing going on. Well at least we found a place with drinks. As I have to watch out a bit I selected Whiskey and got an Eimer full of – I guess – local Whiskey for 30 ARS, so humberto also changed after his cappucho for a Whiskey.

We had to go back to the terminal as the bus leaves on 5:30 pm. As we had still time we ate some empanadas at the terminal which had been really good for 5 ARS, wow.

The bus was delayed by nearly an hour but we said thats good then the bus also will not be at 5:40 in Stgo but at 6:40. But it came different 6 am we reached Stgo. The food on the bus was really good but the air was filled with nice smell from the bus toilett. I collected my part and gave it back to the air as we arove in Stgo ;o). Humberto didnt like it though ;o).

14.August – Santiago del Estero (Stgo)

We stayed in the terminal in the cafeteria with a real good coffee until 7 am and then took a Remise to the prefered hotel but it was all booked. So I checked to residentials (very cheap hostels) but the first I went in was like the bus so I decided immediately residentials are not for us. The remise brought us to the central plaza where 3 hotels of the better category are located. But one was fully booked, the second one was not sure and the third one – Savoy – was free for friday but not for saturday night. Well, I thought most likely there are coming in some cancelations and if not we shorten the stay and move on to Cordóba. But, we got the second night as well.

Humberto didnt want to go for a walk, he rather wanted to stay and sleep as he did not sleep at all. So I went for my own. First I visited the museo BBC small but very good and then I checked the local market and ate there a fish which I could not identify. I chated via facebook with Jorge Luis Carabajal about the Chacarera and we went walking to the park aguirre to pick there then a remise to La Banda on the other side of the river dulce. On our way we found a café which looked appealing so we decided to have a rest there. Hmmm Humberto ate a cake which was a kind of heavy and had two tees. I had two cappuchos and with them came some Amuse Golls, so I did not need anything else. We sat there for 2 hrs and started to continue. As I was about to pick up a Remise, Humberto told that he is not able to join as he felt freezing cold 'den Säufer und den … So he returned and I continued with my plan picked up a Remise and went to La Banda to the house of La Abuela Lusia Carabajal.

At the fiesta there where some food posts and two stages on the main stage performed the artists engaged by the Carabajales and on the other some other artists (not so good). So I stayed with the prime stage. It was around 6 pm and it was already cold and it got really cold. So I placed myself infront of an Asado to get some heat from the charcoal ;o). There have been various good singers but one girl was playing alone guitar and sang and she had an incredibla voice – Karin.

Around 11.30 I went to the peña suggested by Jorge (whom I still didnt know) 'Peteco' and was lucky to be early enough as around 12.30 the crowd shuffeled in and it became really ful, but I had a nics place Wow it was impressive. The artists sang incredible and there was another girl – Roxanna – which had an incredible voice as well. Also the owner Peteco Carabajal was incredible. What an evening. I stayed until 2 am and then returned to the hotel but prior I had a night drink ;o)).

15.August – Santiago del Estero (Stgo)

After an easy breakfast Humberto went to see the museum and I went to get a argentinian phone. Together we walked a bit and went to the church museum of St.Francisco de XXXXX. We had to pay 10 ARS and got a private excursion. The girl was quite enthusiastic but it was obvious that she was not toooo catholic. She explained quite good the things which have been in the museum.

We had a late beer at the plaza – Iguana the name of the beer – and finaly I met Jorge Luis, his wife Teresita and his sun. A very nice couple and they took us to the festival with their car. Therere amongst others of the Carabajal clan he sang – he lives from singing, his wife works for Areolinas. He wanted to take us to another event but we wanted to stay as we wanted to have s.th. To eat. We ate chivito (Zicklein) and Lechón (Spanferkel). The meat was good but cold ;o((. We saw quite some bands amongst them really great ones. Suddenly, during ower dinner we heard the moderator asking for an doctor or at least primary help, and it seemed there was none (this could normally not happen in an festival like this in germany there are always some guys from red cross or so mandatory). We went to the other stage but it was crowded so we thought we return to the primary stage, but there was nothing going on anymore. I asked somebody and he told us that it looks like that an elderly man died. As the party in the Olimpico started on 10 pm and we had around 7:30 pm we strolled around and had an artesanal Kölsch from a couple of salta. With which we talked a bit. The beer was pretty expensive in comparance to the others normaly 60 ARS for ½ an liter where the Quilmes costed between 30-50 ARS the liter. But we used the happy hour 2 for 1 ;o).

Around 9:30 we went to the Olimpico with a Remise where they had a cover of 150 ARS. Olimpico is a kind of a small sportsarena I guess for Handball / Basketball events and also for concerts as this one. The concert started and unfortunately the acustic in that thing sucked but it was ok. It had a life transmission from the TV and was really professionaly done – which I rather hate than like. We stayed until 2 pm and as we where about to leave Jorge appeard on the stage again with his electronic guitar, more or less just a stick.

We returned to the plaza near the hotel and had a night cup as suddenly Teresita, the 2 years son and Jorge appeared. They asked us to join so we did. As they didnt had dinner they ordered and for the sun they ordered hot water for the 'Schoppen'. The camarera returned with the 'Schoppen' and Teresita made the mistake not to test the temperature (it was also a double walled glass) and gave it to the baby which immediately started crying. Shot, the thing was still very hot and probably burned the throat. They packed there stuff and thought about going to the hospital, so we hoped everything will be ok. We finished off our 2nd night cup and went to sleep. (yet I booked the bus transport for wednesday from Cordoba to Mendoza).

16.August – Santiago del Estero (Stgo)

At breakfast we met the three and it seemed everything was fine with the baby, thx god. They needed to go for another appearance at the festival and we went up packed our stuff as the bus to cordoba was leaving on 12:45.