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06.September - El Chalten

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Sun, October 11, 2015 12:25:18

06.September – El Calafate – El Chalten – Cerro Torre

8am, hmm this is not vacation this is worse then working. Well the bus left on time and it was just time for sunrise so I had a good view onto the andes. And wow there was just outside of El Chalten a good view of Fitz Roy (round about 120km view). I was really exited and hoping to see this time cerro torre which is really difficult to see. An hour later we did a short stop to have a coffee and just after we left the restaurant we had the first view on Fitz Roy and even more Cerro Torre, wow wow wow. I asked the driver whether we could do a stop at a mirador (viewpoint) but he told no ;o(. So I had to try to catch a good pic directly from the bus, and luckily I could w/o much quality loss, but this a..hole of busdriver could hat really have stopped for 10 minutes ;o((.

We reached El Chalten around 11am but have to go through a briefing by the Rangers, which was actually very good. He told we have to register if we want to pass a certain limit. As the bus waited I could not register directly ;o(. The hotel was around 1 to 1.5 km away so shot I had to go back by feet which costed around nearly an hour. Well it is how it is, I checked in to the hotel, and Daniel the Paraguayan was a really nice guy, he put me in a dorm for me alone ;o). After that I made my way to register and returned back. I wanted to use the good weather in hope to catch a view on the cerro torre. Shot this registration costed me an hour and everybody told me that I need at least 3 hrs to get there (as I had not done a walk for a long time I expected 4 hours). So I bought some chocolate and made me onto the way around 12 pm (probably too late to reach laguna torre). It was a steep walk for the first 2 km which took me nearly 2 hrs (well did some fotos inbetween) reached Mirador Torre on km 3 of 9 and got a good view on Torre, I was so happy, so I tried to do some timelaps which took me around an half an hour so it was already 2:30. The Ranger said if I am mot there until 4 pm I cannot make it and return in time. And I had still to go 6 km, shoot, too late (shitty registration time lost).

I tried it and was like speedy gonzales. 6 km, I guess I never make it, as I remember 6 years ago it was really heavy (distancewise not hilly), but the walking sticks I had helped really easing up walking, and …... wow after 1 hrs I was there Laguna Torre 3:30 hrs so I even have some time to take timeleaps. I used an hour and left laguna with pics and timelaps and happiness ;o)).

I walked again quite fast and after 2:15 hrs I was back but also really exhausted after 3 km Ranger Checkin and 18 km trecking. I wouldnt have been able to walk much longer. Exhausted but happy.

In the hostel there was also a poco loco argentinan which I liked from the first moment – Alejandro. Daniel asked us whether we would like an Asado and we agreed instantly. So we had an Asado well prepared by Daniel toghether with quite some wine and salad which Alejandro prepared. Half way through some workers with the young chef from an estancia came in and had some wine and food there as well. We had a lot of fun and got pretty drunk. Around 1am we went alltogether to a bar at the other end of the town, where it had billiard, so with our drunk head we played pool and also drank more. The guys where really good fun and at 3 pm I finally went to bed. What a day.

07.September – Corrillo del Salto

After much alcohol I woke up around 12 and had not much interest to do anything as also the weather was no good. Alejandro wanted to walk up to mirador torre, but finally he suggested to go to Corrillo del Salto a nice waterfall 4km from the hostel. He took a wine with him, so I bought also a bottle and we walked easily to the waterfall. My legs suffered the day before ;o).

It was an easy walk and first we were at the base and I took an timeleap eroneously with 1 second exposure time which finally resulted very nice. Then we went up to the upper level where we met again the girls from the base – Laura and Nati, two porteñas. We shared food and drinks. And as they where im the same hostel we went back together and we had all again a really good asado also with Eduardo, but luckily not exhaustive like yesterday.

08.September – Mirador Fitz Roy / Laguna Capri

Well, I woke up and it was cloudy. So I expected a leasure day, but suddenly it cleared up to an incredible sunny day. So I made my way to Mirador Fitz Roy around 12 o'clock. The way is up up up for 3 km but suprisingly I am doing well. Again very nice views, and... wow what a view. Fitz Roy completely w/o clouds. Took my timeleaps and also fotos, wow wow wow.

During my stay for taking the TimeLeaps there was a couple up there, and there was it again, a guy w/o a handkerchief. I really could nearly speak with the porcelan good. The guy had a different clock but was also in a short time like 8 seconds. This must be really a culteral thing as his wife did not tell anything.

Met a couple from north of spain an their honeymoon and we had a nice chat (Nacho is the name of the guy). They just return tonite to El Calafate so they couldnt make there way up to mirador torre anymore.

As the others Laura, Nati and Alejandro went to camp near laguna torre the two brasilieros and I had been more or less alone in the hostel. They wanted to go eating but I wanted to start my tomato diet which I did. Bought 3 eggs and 6 tomatos and an onion and prepared my salat. I asked Daniel whether he wanted to join which he accepted happily. So we had been alone and easy eating, drinking and a bit chatting but more watching the sown 'the best laughters'. Went to bed early hoping tomorrow is another great day to go up agin to Laguna torres.

09.September – El Chalten – tranquilo

As the weather is not as expected I am taking it easy. Overcast so I did not plan to walk. So I bought ham, cheese, eggs and orange juice and made myself a Lecker Breakfast. And now I am wirting since 11 o`clock my blog and try to upload pics to the block.

Now the brasilian guys came back around 5 pm. And there was it again, also in Brasil there are no handkerchiefs it seems. Well, I will keep now a bit track about this habit. Laura and Nati jsut came in 5:40 w/o Alejandro as he took another route. Well lets see how the girls act when the warmness will heat up their noses. Well the girls didnt have this habit ;o). Alejandor came around 7 pm and had a huge blister on his feet, grazy guy.

Daniel did again a great asado and we all had a very good time. I went to bed around 1 but Alejandro told me that he went to bed around 5 am or so.... time to say good by to Hostal Lo de Trivi and Daniel.

03.September - From Puerto Madryn to El Calafate

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Sun, October 11, 2015 12:16:44

03.September – P.M. To C.R (Puerto Madryn / Commodore Rivadavia)

The bus left around 11 am and took about 6 hours. There was just plain patagonia, bushes and nothing else, but I loved just to watch, had a seat at upper deck first row. The problem was that there was a guy who returned to C.R. For him family who had obviously no handkerchief and I nearly chocked up, as the guy with a frequency like an atomic clock nearly every 5 seconds took a deep breath containing some liquid you dont want to know, bäääähhhh. Luckily he slept for quite some time.

At the terminal i got directions to a 'nice' hotel. I checked in into the new room which costed 50 ARS more, I just wonder how old must be the old ones. At least they have been clean. The problem with the non touristic places they do not have hostels, which means accomodation is more expensive and due to the missing competition the quality sucks.

Stolled around in the city and wanted to go into a bar, but there was not really s.th. To do, so I was happy not buying the ticket from Rio Gallegos for sunday, as I now will take the bus from R.G. Already on saturday 12 am so I have enough time to watch that there is not much to watch.

04.September – Arround C.R. And down to Rio Gallegos

I had a late wakeup, used the breakfast and the wifiy there to take it easy. As everybody spoke about Playa in Rada Tilla I took the local bus and went there. Its really an experience using the local bus system, its like the german one but with a different quality of bus and driving style of the driver. It took nearly around an hour for 10 km, so I probably could walk ;o). I asked the busdriver to advise me when the best stop for the beach is reached and I left the bus.

The weather was incredible, it was low tide so I walked a bit at the beach, collected some empty shells and after an km or so I reached a beach restaurant around 1 pm which had open. Went to the balkony and ate with prices like an a pharmacy, but it didnt matter as the weather was great and I just enjoyed sitting there with sun and ocean.

Took the bus back and went with a remise to a mirador (lookout) which was described in lonely planet, but unfortunately there was a fence so I could not really take some good shots.

At 7 pm the bus left .. suite …

05.September – Quick stop Rio Gallegos and on my way to El Calafate

Good trip during the night with food (was no good) and wine (I helped myself, so I got a god share). Arrove around 7 am bought a ticket for 12 to El Calafate and took a taxi to the costanera as it looked to be a great sunrise, hmpf was cold as yesterday but I was a cleverle and had put on my boots ;o) .. but still quite some meat conserving temperature. And the sky was incredible, unfortunately it became cloudy so no sun was seen. Went around 8 to the city center by feet (8 cuadras) and went into a cafe to warm up and have some coffee. Thought about taking the earlier bus around 9:30 but decided to take it easy with a beer ;o).

The landscape on the drive to El Calafate was espectacular (sometimes). We reached around 4 pm El Calafate, took a cab to the hostal 'I Keu Ken' (Tehuelche: found no translation). Marcelo the owner was really friendy and even invited me to a thirst beer ;o). He helped me to check the internet for weather in El Chalten. Looked that the following day the weather should be great. So I went to the bus terminal and booked the early leave at 8 pm.

Hmm again: Had my sandals on and it became really fresh. Anyways I checked for options to Torres del Paine and need to book it when I return from El Chalten, as due to low season, the tours are only leaving if enough people are going. Had a steak and a small bottle of wine in 'El Viejo' which was really great, also the chimichurri incredible. But now I dont eat the meat with chimichurri because it would overwrite the taste of the meat, so I eat a piece of meat and after a spoon of chimichurri ;o) how smart I am ;o)))). Well seems not as if my had would not be firmly attached to my body I guess I would forget the head somewhere, as the T-Shirt I bought in Puerto Madryn, the lonely planet of Humberto, my cap or the wine I bought two days ago for the bus tour (which I did not need as wine was served) and which I had put together with my backpack to the luggage store. The backpack I have, the wine not.

So I was w/o wine in the hostel and Marcelo does not have one, correction, he has one leftover so I used that one ;o)). Eduardo my room mate from brasil and I had some chat with him. He first will do the glacier tour and thenafter go to EL Chalten also. Went to bed after finishing my wine.

30.August - Puerto Madryn again and Good Bye Humberto

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Sun, September 20, 2015 16:24:54

30.August – Return to Puerto Madryn

We made our way back to P.M. And timed this with the hightide of playa doradilla, enjoyed the whales again and went to hostel Tosca, where I had been before I remembered as we where infront of the gate. I wanted to try a different hostel so we didnt return to tounens. Well Tosca is a huge hostel but as no main season was it was tranqui. I also recognised Eduardo the front desk guy from the last time and Ricardo as well.

We went out for food and returned around 11. In the second kitchen there guys had a BBQ and we just went in to have some wine from our reservoire (bottles from Mendoza and beer planned for puerto Piramides and never drunk). Pancho (francisco), Iker&Richlen (RiRi) and Nati and a swissfrench girl have been there. We had a good conversation and we went late to bet. Prior we agreed to make another asado tomorrow.

As Humberto wanted to have it easy we didnt plan to much. We – or at least I – woke up late, around 10, had a breakfast which had been some different but delicious cakes. And after doing some facebooking I initiated that we go to see the local museum. So we went off by feet with directions of eduardo, but as I am a bit old I was not sure whether I rememered it correctly so I approached a police officer. Well, as usual nobody knows anything here, but he called his Jefe. The experienced police officer knew where it was and.... schwupdiwup we where sitting in our police car taxi as they brought as there ;o). Statement of Humberto: Everyday an unexpected experience!

We walked to the peer as Matt and Dineke (whom we met in Puerot Piramides again) told us they saw from the pear a whale showing off his tail for a long time, in hope to get my last missing photo of the whale, but... there was nothing then a freezing wind, hmfp … menno,

Iker, Pancho and myself went out to buy the meat ant the wine and also some additional wood (as the last one was no good Pancho said). Sat together during the prep of the asado, and somehow started into politics … NEVER NEVER NEVER do politics. This turned the sensation a bit (a lot) down, but I could stop Humberto just in time so we could recover a bit ..but not to the same level. Well, the meat was good, very good and we still had a good time with our 4 bottles of wine. It was at least so good that we went to bed at 2am … sigh we had to getup early as we wanted to see the Toninas in Puerto Rawson.

01.September – Rawson & Toninas

Well, the last day for Humberto. We left the hostal at 7:45am to be right in time in Puerto Rawson (90km). As Humberto did not feel so well today, I was in the driver seat. We started and we got very soon lost as I / we missed to see the sign. So I stopped at some police man aside the road, and Humberto started to panik (restsüsse – well remaining bloodalcohol). All went well and we got the directions. As I am a brave man I just had my sandals on. Well, arriving at the excursion I detected that hmmm would have been better to have my boots on – ZERO degrees. So I needed to think about how to handle. There where 14 more people and we left 9:30 the harbour, lucky me there had been some ponchos where I could hide my toes ;o). As we were riding with the wind it was quite comfy. Out there in the ocean we saw TONINAS, but these guys are incredibly fast and I think I did not get one good shot (not yet checked my pics). But there was quite something going on. These guys are just aroun an meter but horrible fast. They also like to swim infront of a boat so I hope I got one shot there. I guess we need to go out there also 8 times to get a good shot, but no not for the TONINAs. At leas we had a lot of seeings.

We returned around 11 and I wanted to have a coffee but Playa Union – in contrary to summer – was sleeping, nothing had open. So we cruised a bit until the Restaurant opened. There we had seefood really good.

Last sightseeing for Humberto was MEF - Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio - So we went in – I saw it already but it was worth to see it a second time – I guess Humberto liked it also, at least from the photos he took ;o)). Impressive is the bigest saurier ever found. Now the biggest anymal on earth is the blue whale 30m. But this Saurier lived on land and had 40m and around 72 tons. I need to check whether this is possible as I guess there is some limitation set by Newton who invented the gravity. Shit newton, my belly is suffering also but so far I have not 72 tons and hope that I will never have.

So we returned to P.M. And as there was at the roundabout a big site for Gauchito Gil – a local hero which was sentenced by cutting the throat in 1840 – we went to take pics. Hmm, returning to the city I got s.th. Wrong as I thought we are on the 4 lane highway. So I gave space to a truck which was unparking and went onto the second lane as suddenly humberto nearly fainted, he could not really speak understandable, but I got the message and … this was not a four lane road so I returned to the right and correct lane – it sounds easy but I guess not for Humberto and not for the upcoming car. So even I dont like the catholic Mummenschanz I have orders to light a candle next time I am near a shrine of Gauchito Gil. What does Humberto say: Every day a new experience!

We went to Margaritas Bar to have final good bye drinks and returned to the hostel around 11pm to finish our storage of wine and beer.

02.September – Puerto Madryn, Doradilla

As I still had the car until 11 am I went again to Playa Doradilla. Nati and her sister went with me. The light was incredible but only in the first hour there have been quite some whales, after that it seemed that the inland wind has moved the whales away.

After return I went alone to Il Nonno to eat again this superb Pizza Marisco ;o)) valer la pena, but I drank the house wine which was an error ;o((. After that I went to change money as Humberto did and got a quite good rate again 16.7, wow I should have brought more euro to Argentina, would have saved a lot of money (round about 1000 Euro ;o((..). Took it easy today and got my things ready for leaving which means I booked my bus trip. First to Comodoro Rivadavia, a day tour and then a night tour the next day from Comodoro to Rio Gallegos (Suite again ;o)) ..).

25.August - Puerto Piramides, Peninsula Valdes

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Sat, September 19, 2015 19:21:05

25.August – Whale Excursion / Punta Delgada

We bought eggs and stuff for breakfast but there was only a microwave and some hot water maker ;o( so we even could toast our bread ;o((. After breakfast we went to our first tour at 10 am. Wow what a tour. Unfortunately I cannot describe what happened all as I am writing now after 8 tours. But we had incredible sights. Like a whale with his baby came really close to the boat approx 4 m.

After the tour we drove to Punta Delgada to see the see elephants. Lonely Planet wrote if we eat there the entrance is free, so we planned to eat cordero ala brasa. But there was no cordero because they are still too small, they are ready in 3-4 weeks. So we ate Guiso Patagonico (Lammgulasch). Which was really great. After that we took a guided tour which was also inclusive with the meal.

Claudia the guide was really knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about her work which we liked much, the problem we had to leave as Susan needed to catch her bus.

I am not talking about all the excursions, but we took 8 and payed for 6, good deal ;o). Everytime the trip was different. One time we saw males mating just 5m away from the boat, another time we saw whales jumping (actually twice ;)). Well, the first time we saw it, there was a chic jumping and it was relatively easy to catch. The other time a mother was jumping, wow what a thing. But it was a bit more difficult as she moved quite a way between her jumps. But what happened is: The chic got somehow disoriented as it searched the near with the boat and hit the boat with the head various times, so the captain needed to get away from the chic. But as he wanted to stay in the area so the mother is able to find her chic again we cruised in circles. Was pretty impressive how the chic followed us. Finally the mother came back from the jumps and the chic got back to the mother. There is an intensive relationship between mother and chic.

Next time there was a whale who touched the boat with his fluke all side long and finally we had a young whale near the boat who clapped with his tale into the water. Ah not to forget the albino one, all along the boat.

Out of the 8 tours we had only one which was a bit disappointing – but only as we had been very experienced – I think we went into the guiness book of records ;o).

We went to various places and most of the times we ate mariscos. Really great and fresh and huge langostinos. We said goodby to Susan who returned to Puerto Madryn wednesday.

The prices for the food was moderate but the drinks had been really expensive at least in the tourist bars. For exanple in the front row hotel we paid for a blenders I think 80 ARS (a liter bottle costed 93 ARS). In the cafe 40 ARS (so we got one night pretty drunk in the cafe each of us had 4 buckets – they make it really full – of blenders). But the killer was the local bar: There we got blenders for 20 ARS, there we had a very good time with the locals – but the bar was quite messy but this is what Umberto and Claudio like, not the tourist thing. Aaaaand, Humberto speaks perfect spanish with the guys – probably a side effect of the blenders? ;o)

One day we went out the the Lobo Marino viewpoint and prior there is a ballena viewpoint and there we met a dutch guy who lived here temporarily for now 2 months and he showed us jumps of ballenas at playa pardela – we had been there already but no jumps so we decided to go more often there, but …. no jumps (well I have to be honest there was but just tooo far away) – the guy had really very close ones captured lucky him!!!!

I guess it is not the last time I was there in Puerto Pirmides, but I also want to stay at least 3 weeks, there is a really buena onda and I also (Humberto has the same idea) want to do more walks, well we would do also excursions but they eat up the budget very rapidly (640 ARS).

Originally we wanted to return to Puerto Madryn on Saturday but Humberto liked it so much that we stayed one day longer and out of the 5 excursions (take 5 pay 4) we made 8 excursions. We got friends with the guys from the company and we had a after the second trip a warm welcome. I dont remember all the names but there is Juan from the frontdesk, Sanda the english speaking tour guide, Frederico tourguide on the boat, Claudio the spanish tourgide on the boat. We had a very nice good bye ;o).

By the way, Playa Pardela was not only to try to catch teh whales from teh beach, it is also a very quiet place. We met again with the dutch guy who was swimming with his daughter in a wet suite there and we had a chat. He said he could touch the whale and it was a great experience. Well, I am a bit indifferent touching wildlife is not really what should be done, but as the whales are curious probably they would habe been in contact anyway (like the snorkeling with the sealions in puerto madryn, which did Janet).

Hmpf so much to write …

Saturday night we went first to Guanaco Restaurant where we had been the day before (well Humberto said after the restaurant lets go to the shop nearby as there is party, well it was a tatoo shop and the guy who was standin infront was laughing so much as we talked to him) and we ate Vieyras (Scallops / Jakobsmuscheln) again. Then we returned to our local bar. This time I refused the Blenders as the last two nights I had stomach cramps and I thought this might come from the Blenders (and it was so as since then I never had again). We hanged out there for a while and the locals tolde that there is live music in the casa cultural, well, back again where we came from (distance between guanaco and local bar 500 m) as Guanaco is aside of casa cultural.

Casa cultural had some guitarrist and we had to pay cover charge but there was tombola included. The music started around 12 and it was not the best but ok. I was tired and went to the hotel around one. Humberto stayed – he was eager for the tombola – but we sucked ;o)).

23.August - Puerto Madryn

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Sat, September 19, 2015 16:44:36

23.August Puerto Madryn – Playa Dorodilla

We checked in into Casa Tounens which is very close to the busterminal, and I was there last year already. Buena Onda. Vincent the french owner is very friendly and as it is only a small hostel its very nice. Arnaud the french receptionist was very nice with his girlfriend. We met Janet a girl from Italy and Susan a peruvian living in BSAS. Janet was snorkeling with sealions and and was very happy. She wanted to walk along the costline but I suggested we share the taxi to Playa Doradilla, which she immediately accepted, Susan as well. So we went to playa and it was really s.th. To see the whales such near. Loved it. We stayed there 3 hours just watching so impressive.

Janet had to leave the same day but with Susan we walked along the costanera and went to supper in a pizza place called Il Nonno, we had pizza marisco, wow full of mariscos, incredible.

Arnaud told that they made an Asado yesterday and I asked whether that is possible also tomorrow. And he asked around an all agreed, also Dineke and Mat who came in later. So tomorrow Asado, tschakka. Che, Cachai

24.August Puerto Madryn – Punta Loma

we rented the same taxidriver than yesterday and he brought us to the Punta Loma National Resever with a lot of Lobo Marinos. Unfortunately we only could watch them from above ;o( . but it was a nice landscape and easy going.

Returning to P.M. We did some walk again. And in the afternoon around 7pm Arnaud started bbqing and Humberto went with Susan to buy wine. He had choosen very well. It was a great night we chatted all and about everything. Great great great. We went to bed late.

25.August Puerto Madryn – Playa Doradillo – Puerto Piramides

We asked Susan whether she wants to come with us and also she could stay with us one night in P.P. She happily accepted. We went around 11 am to the car rental picked up our car (730 ARS if payed in cash) and then picked up our stuff, stopped again in Playa Doradillo and this time it was even better. Wow.

Entry into the park was 180 for us and 80 for locals ;o((. We did a short stop at the information center and continued to posada caracoles. The owner Baston is a nice guy and
gave us base information. We checked the whale excursions and got from the 1st agency and offer of 20 % but he did not accept credit card. The second was closed for the day, So we checked southern spirit a agency which looks highly professional. They offered us for 5 excursions 1 free so we accepted that. I dealt for Susan 20% for her excursion. We ate in Las Restringas directly at the beach, and the guy gave as Vieryas as an appetizer for free (Jakobsmuscheln / Scallops) hmm riiiiiiccccooooo ;o). But the place was really expensive. So we decided to go next days to some place else.

Susan shared with Humberto a bunk room and I had the matrimonial for my own ;o)).

22.August - Mendoza - Neuquen - Puerto Madryn - Travel

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Wed, September 09, 2015 21:06:41

22.August Neuquen

Well with an early arrival we had a coffee in the bus terminal and then wanted to go to the museum MNBA. But it was closed. So we strolled around, went to a restaurant where it seems the owner stays outside, and it was so. But the restaurant was under construction, but the owner showed us the restaurand and the status – strange no?. So we went further and finally we found a coffee bar.

Around 10. we went to the museum, quite worthwhile visiting.

Also the tourist info openend quite late, so we missed to go on a tour to the winefarms as they left around 9 and the TI opened at 10 ;o((. With a remise it was by far to expensive. So we strolled around also trying to get an ATM (nightmare again), had a beer and finally we took a cab to the riverside Limay. Strolled around a bit and walked back to the city. Fernando unfortunately had no time – at least he didnt call me nor contacted me later – I had contacted him – a guy from therapia sonrisa whom I learnt 2012. We returned to the bus terminal and sat there with beer and whiskey ;o)). The bus left 22:15 but was a cama only so not the luxury as with the yesterdays one but it was fine.

23.August Puerto Madryn – Playa Dorodilla
We checked in into Casa Tounens which is very close to the busterminal, and I was there last year already. Buena Onda. Vincent the french owner is very friendly and as it is only a small hostel its very nice. Arnaud the french receptionist was very nice with his girlfriend. We met Janet a girl from Italy and Susan a peruvian living in BSAS. Janet was snorkeling with sealions and and was very happy. She wanted to walk along the costline but I suggested we share the taxi to Playa Doradilla, which she immediately accepted, Susan as well. So we went to playa and it was really s.th. To see the whales such near. Loved it. We stayed there 3 hours just watching so impressive.

Janet had to leave the same day but with Susan we walked along the costanera and went to supper in a pizza place called Il Nonno, we had pizza marisco, wow full of mariscos, incredible.

Arnaud told that they made an Asado yesterday and I asked whether that is possible also tomorrow. And he asked around an all agreed, also Dineke and Mat who came in later. So tomorrow Asado, tschakka. Che, Cachai

20.August - Mendoza - Wine Paradise

ReisetagebuchPosted by Klaus W o Claudio el Tigre Wed, September 09, 2015 18:49:18

20.August Mendoza

So we arrove in Mendoza around 8:30 and took a taxi to the B&B. We got a nice Room with breakfast inclusive. We settled a bit and then we went off to Maipú to see some wineries. Well in the busterminal I bought a buscard and loaded it with 90 ARS but the busses are really cheap 5 ARS one way so I overloaded the card, it doesent matter. The bus took nearly an hour and the driving style was s.th. Special.We went to hugo to rent a bike (100 ARS) as in Maipu one can visit with a bike easily all wineries. First we wanted to visit Bodega Rural which also has a museo. But we went there and the guy told us we had to reserve so we reservered for 4 pm and went off to another winery Domicio, but first we had to eat ;o) we ate some typical dish (dont remember the name) and had some beers. So we could only make 2 wineries today ;o((. Domicio was very nice and later it resulted having the best malbec. It seemed it is a girls winery as we didnt see any men. But we got a nice tasting and the girl left us the rest of the bottle (I appreciated).

After that we used our well equiped ;o) bikes to continue to Bodega Rural. Where we also got a tasting and as the guy used the wine twice in the glases we had some more wine there. The museum was really good and they showed original stuff there. We retuned with the bus and strolled a bit through the city. Passed by some fountains with red – wine? - water. Returned to the B&B and got ready to go out.

I wanted to meet with carina – the girl from austria whom I met 3 years ago in the language school, now married since last week to an argentinan – and also I wanted to go the the bar of Bernardo. So we tried to get a cab on the street but as it was busy time we could not reach one so we walked the 2 km. The bar has now a new owner and he did not have any info about bernardo ;o( .. so we drank a beer and returned to the Av. Villanueva Aristides where all the restaurants and bars are. We went to a bar called Zinc had some beer. Umberto went to the toilett and told some strange things like there is a chaisselongue and some space and it was somehow all strange. As I went to the toilett there were no such things. So I asked him again some details … ahhhh he went to the maballeros (or like in corrientes mombres) and I went to the caballeros ;o). Well, Carina did not appear so I guess she was just too occupied.

21.August – Mendoza – Maipú again

As the trips to Anconcagua leaves at 7:30 and we had been somehow exhausted we tried to hire a privat car but these have been by far too expensive and we didnt have really the urge to go up to (even I would have liked to see it in the snow). The host gave us the tip we also could go via tramway to maipu and can visit the nearby winery Lopez. So we did this and it was really easy access as the tramway was just 6 blocks from the hostel.

The winery was very nice and we had a good tour through it. The girl also suggested us two more wineries

Cecchin – Bio winery
Don Arturo – old winery
And we had again private tours ;o)) … wow.

Would have stayed at least one day longer but the whales are calling, so we went around 7pm to the busstation as the bus leaves to Neuquen 20:45 hrs.

Wow, I had booked cama suite, and it was like first class in a plane. Humberto and I were sitting in different rows so he learned a guy whose decendents came from croatia or nearby and I was sitting near a doctor who works on petrol platform near the Malvinas. We had a good chat and he talked about his history as a army doctor in nigeria and so on. The time went by flying. The seat/bed was really good so I had a good nap.

19.August - Cordoba

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16.August – Santiago del Estero (Stgo) - Cordoba

At breakfast we met the three and it seemed everything was fine with the baby, thx god. They needed to go for another appearance at the festival and we went up packed our stuff as the bus to cordoba was leaving on 12:45.

We arrove late evening in Cordoba. Luckily I called the Hostal, as they told me that there is a mistake and they are full but they gave us another address – Link Hostel – so we checked this and got a pretty big room and we decided to stay (it was a bit more

expensive instead of 360 Ars 400 ARS). The guys where very nice and the girl very helpful, she helped us to find an excursion so we go to Alta Gracia.

We went to Wine and Grill for an Asado and it was really good. But nothing more we did at that night.

17.August – Cordoba

Shit shit shit, again problem with the credit card. But finally we found Banco Galicia and Banco de la Nación where we could retrieve money.

In the hostel there was mentioned that there is a free tour through cordoba by feet done by students. Well, I guess the stundents were preparing for some exams as nobody showed up until 11:15 – the tour was scheduled for 11. So we took a bus tour in a doubledecker which gave us a rough idea about the sights. The church of the Capuchinos which is fairly young is really impressive and worth to spent some time looking at the fachada. So after the bus tour we went to the two museums of bellas artes and to one where they celebrated the argentinan Elvis called Sandro. All three worth to see whereas the Sandro museum (i guess its just a temporary exhibition) is kind of special ;o) worshipping this guy.

18.August – Cordoba – Alta Gracia

The tour guide – Alexis - picked us up at 8 am. He explained a lot unfortunately for Humberto in spanish. We visited the Jesuit Estancia Alta Gracia after about a 1 hrs drive. The estancia is in a pretty good shape and we got enough time to see all. Also the church is worth to see.

After that we visited the house where Che was raised. Good to learn a bit about his life. Unforutnaltey I missed to bring my passport to get it stamped there.

Last we visited some Cueva de Lourdes where something holy happened. Well, it was included in the tour ;o)) …

Alexis told us to watch the light show near the paseo del buen pastor. Which should start around 21 so we went there and it was great (except the music from the hammond organ). After that, oh no not again – Steak ;o)).

19.August – Cordoba – Estancias

Today we had a really great tour, it was a private one. The tour guide Rodrigo was cool. All day we where more or less alone in the estancias

sta. catelina

jesus maria


So we could enjoy the sites and take our pics w/o stress.

The last stop was in the winery La Caroyense. The girl explained very good the process. In Argentina to do the fermentation they dont use in most places tanks made from metal, instead they use concrete. One was made to go into. Wow pretty huge thing. After that we had our winetasting. Its not like in chile where you can taste 4 or 5 normally they show you only two or three, but we got again a special ;o) .. two Grapas .. not my thing but at least made a bit dizzy ;o)) ..

We had a great tour so we returned around 7 pm and had to wait until 23:15 hrs until the bus to mendoza leaves. So we chatted with the guys there and I dropped my useless travel guides as these had been designed for guys who stay in hotels with suit and tie, and not for young backpackers like we are ;o))

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